Did you know you can download Posture Pro, install it on your computer and use it in the DEMO mode to give it a test run? Simply ignore the request for an unlock code and the software will enter into the demo mode. All the features are enabled BUT no matter the postural deviations found in an exam, the results will show everything is normal. This mode lets you see the program flow and what the reports look like. Give it a try!

Google Chrome Browser does not like you downloading .exe files, and the default browser setting is to block it. Here are steps to remove that block so you can download the Posture Pro download.

How to stop Google Chrome from blocking downloads in the Admin Dashboard

Open your Chrome browser. Click the three-dots at the top right of the window.

In the drop-down menu, click "Settings."

On the Settings page, click on the Privacy and security section and then click "Security."

In the Safe Browsing section, click "No protection (not recommended)" to turn the feature off.

Click "Turn off" in the pop-up to confirm. When you turn off Safe Browsing, you are disabling the browser's primary security tool for keeping you safe online.

Download the file that was blocked.

You can turn on the safety feature once you've downloaded the file by clicking "Standard protection" in this section.

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