Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Posture Pro Software

Q: What is Posture Pro?

A: Posture Pro is an advanced posture analysis software developed by Joseph Ventura D.C., tailored for healthcare professionals, fitness experts, and anyone interested in conducting in-depth posture evaluations. It offers comprehensive analysis capabilities, including the assessment of muscle tension and compressive forces, and features the unique Posture Number for easy tracking of postural deviations.

Q: Who can benefit from using Posture Pro?

A: Chiropractors, physical therapists, fitness trainers, shoe companies, and posture research professionals can all benefit from using Posture Pro. It's designed to provide detailed posture assessments, making it an invaluable tool for professionals focused on posture health and correction strategies.

Features and Capabilities

Q: What makes Posture Pro unique?

A: Posture Pro's unique selling point is its Posture Number feature, a singular metric that quantifies global postural deviations for straightforward interpretation and tracking. Its detailed analysis capabilities, robust training and support infrastructure, and continuous innovation with new features also set it apart in the field of posture analysis software.

Q: Can Posture Pro calculate muscle tension and compressive forces?

A: Yes, Posture Pro is engineered to calculate the physical stresses on the body, including muscle tension and compressive forces. This provides users with a nuanced understanding of the impact of posture on overall health.

Pricing and Subscription

Q: How much does Posture Pro cost?

A: Posture Pro is currently priced at $995 USD for installation on two computers. This is a one-time fee with no additional monthly or per exam costs. Support is provided for a lifetime and is free in most instances, ensuring users have ongoing access to assistance and updates. In addition, we offer a network version that allows installation and communication between up to 4 computers for $1700. All prices are USD.

Q: Is there a trial version available?

A: Yes, we offer a trial version for new users to explore the features and capabilities of Posture Pro. To access the trial version, download the latest version of Posture Pro from this web site on the Support Page. Install the software on a Windows computer and ignore the request for an unlock code when entering the software. You will have access to all the software features, but all exam results will show normal.

Technical Support and Training

**Q: What type of training and support is available for Posture Pro users?**

A: Posture Pro users benefit from extensive training resources, including video tutorials and live training sessions, at no extra charge. We also provide 24/7 support through our Knowledge Base and live support during business hours, including remote access support for direct assistance with any issues.

Q: Can Posture Pro be installed on multiple devices?

A: The initial purchase allows for installation on two computers. For details on additional installations or device compatibility, please refer to our technical support section or contact our support team directly.

Using Posture Pro

Q: How does the Posture Number work?

A: The Posture Number is a calculated metric that provides an overview of an individual's posture deviations from the norm. It quantifies the additional stress being absorbed by their spine, making it easier to communicate posture health to patients and track improvements over time.

Q: Can I customize reports generated by Posture Pro?

A: Yes, Posture Pro enables the customization of reports to include custom header and footer and specific analysis details. This feature allows professionals to personalize the information provided to patients and clients, enhancing the professional presentation and utility of the reports.

For more information on any of these topics or if you have further questions not covered here, please visit our comprehensive Knowledge Base or contact our customer support team directly.