Posture Blocks, Passive FHP Correction

Here's How Posture Blocks Works

The Posture Blocks cushion is placed on the floor and the patient lies on it in a supine position. The adjustable head piece allows the head to assume a posterior glide position in relation to the shoulders. The contours of the thoracic area push the thorax forward, stretching muscles in the front of the chest and relaxing muscles in the mid and upper back. At the same time, the shoulders are allowed to outward rotate.

  Here Is What Posture Blocks Accomplishes:

Stretches the front upper body tissues

Shortens the back tissues

Stimulates the spinal postural muscles

Increases circulation

Opens up the chest region, increasing respiratory functions

Alleviates upper AND lower back, shoulder and neck pain

Relieves muscle tension

Improves posture by aligning head, neck and upper body in correct position

Reduces slouching, improving self confidence